"When it comes to writing songs about my life, everyone in my life kinda knows that nobody has a safety pass like anybody can be factored into a verse or a chorus at some point. So if you’re gonna know me then it’s kind of like a given that you’re probably going to be written about at some point.”

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I had another one of my dreams a bit ago:

Avalon comes back to WDA almost a year after she left. Her mother’s memories had started coming back and Alice couldn’t take it so she drowned herself. At first Ava was going to stay in Wonderland but everything reminded her of her mom and she couldn’t bare to stay. She had nowhere to go since she never knew her dads side of the family and her mother hadn’t spoken to her family since Ava was a child (so she didn’t know them either). She ended up deciding to just show up at the school on a random day and see how things would go. When she first arrives she sees a few students that she doesn’t know and passes them by with a weak smile. Then Xavier turn around a corner and is in front of her. She wants to smile but ends up crying. He gets her to sit with him on a nearby bench. At first she just cries on his should but then tells her what happened. Xavier says comforting stuff or something i don’t really remember and they hug and whatnot and that the end of the dream.

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Avalon’s Ending

WHERE IS AVA NOW? Her father’s remains were finally found. There was not much left of him and the bones were in bad shape from the dreadful attack from that beast all those years ago. They were sent to her house in London. When her mother first saw them she went into a state of shock. Any slight hope that it was all a mistake and that he was still alive was gone. Avalon quickly left the school, in too much of a hurry to say goodbyes. After a few days of nothing but silence from her mother, she went terribly insane. Ava had never once seen her mother in such a bad state, making her lose it a bit herself as well. She can’t bare leaving her mother’s side. They decided to go to Wonderland. It’s helped her mom a great deal. Unfortunately Alice’s mind has decided its best for her to not remember the things that bring her pain. She doesn’t remember her husband or anything they ever did, including having Avalon. Despite her mom forgetting all about her, Ava still stays with her to make sure she is all right. Alice just thinks Avalon is another friend in Wonderland rather than her own daughter.

Her short note she sent to the school before leaving to Wonderland:

(The words slightly smudged from the tear stains all over the page.)

"I am sorry to say that I can’t come back to WDA. It’s not that I don’t want to, trust me. I love all of you and could never forget you or stop loving any of you. You are the some of the best people I’ve ever met. I never knew I could make so many friends or have people care about me the way you all have. I had some of the best moments of my life with guys. I want each of you to have amazing lives and continue to be the lovely people that you are."

In the envelope sent to the school there were a few more short letters addressed to individual students. They will be sent to each students room (submit box).

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Who’s letter shall I write first? hhmm

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that’s a gif not words you idget

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ooc: so my friends are we ready to say goodbye to Avalon? Should we have a proper funeral (even tho she ain’t dying, just ceasing to exist)? Any last words or objections? Speak now or forever hold you peace.

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Cat got your tongue? [smiles] It’s okay, it’s actually very cute and sexy.


[pours a little in her punch] Enjoy.

Something like that.. You’re doing it again, making me blush. I think I only have the cute part down. You’ve got the sexy.

{Takes a sip} Yup that’s awful.. {Had another sip}

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you called

I am replying to the chat so stuff can happen~~

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